Afterschool Enrichment at Schools

We offer the most fun and engaging enrichment programs

We offer hands-on Engineering, Lego Robotics, Minecraft and Coding as afterschool programming at schools, community centers, and other facilities. Engagement doesn’t have to end when the school day does, so come join us and make STEM part of your child’s learning journey.

Our custom curriculum develops technical skills in STEM alongside other skills students need to succeed such as independence, collaboration, questioning, problem solving, and critical thinking. We run our classes in fall, winter and spring with new content every year and every season so students can enroll continuously.

How we create the best experience for kids:

Your child’s learning matters as much to you as it does to us. We are very serious about the learning of the future generation and making sure they are equipped with the right knowledge that will set them on the right path for their career interests in the future.

Moreover, kids will enjoy our classes because:

  • Work on cool projects
  • Hands on activities
  • Engage in fun learning
  • Develop real-world products
  • Natural curiosity
  • Digital creations

How we create the best experience for parents:

We have a loyal and growing base of parents who are extremely satisfied with the experience
they have with us because:

  • best education
  • better future
  • hands-on experience
  • pure scientific evidence
  • most skilled educator
  • wide range of programs

Why Schools and After-School Program Managers like us?



We could take care of registration, payment processing to ease the process.



We provide complete materials for our after school programs.



We could be a stand-alone program or part of School’s enrichment schedule.


Wide range

We offer a wide range of classes based on School and parents need.

Go beyond

Go Beyond

We go beyond what is taught in school so your kids can have a head start



No additional cost to Schools.

Need Help? Contact US.

Find out more details about the programs and how to get started.

Location : ChicagoSkokie

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