Mine to craft and craft to mine

We use Minecraft, which every kid loves, in order to teach them more about game development and computer programming. Students learn all about creating redstone circuitry, unique java commands, recipe and tool mods, and world building with 3D structures. Our program focuses on giving students a world where they don’t have to worry about the survival part of Minecraft, but rather on the exciting design and building parts!

Minecraft Modding

Transform your student from a consumer of the popular game, Minecraft, to creators of technology

Using Java Forge-an open source mod loader-and JavaScript, students can create plugins that add content to their game, such as custom tools, new worlds, and unique items not found in the original Minecraft game.

Minecraft Redstone Circuitry

Using Minecraft's Redstone blocks, students learn and build electronic circuits to act in response to player activation or autonomously. Students create devices with simple to complex mechanisms such as light switches, traps, elevators, automatic farms to take Minecraft to a next level. 

Minecraft Architecture

Minecraft offers a great entry point into the world of architecture. Using Minecraft as CAD tool, our next generation Architects learn various elements of differing architectural styles from medieval to modern architecture.

They create the floor plan and design the interiors with various types of stones, materials and shapes to build their dream structure.

Minecraft Adventure Map

Unlock your child’s imagination in the world of Minecraft designed by them. Students build Minecraft world using MCEdit, adventure maps, create 3D structures and use command blocks to customize the game.