We offer a variety of integrated STEM camps

  • School day-off
  • Spring break
  • Winter break
  • Summer break

Camps on school day-offs

We also host camps on school days off during

  • School improvement
  • Columbus day
  • Veterans day
  • Teacher conference
  • President’s day
  • M. L. King Day

Real scientists



Creative Designers

Our STEM-focused camps

Our STEM-focused camps combine fun and learning with an unforgettable experience. The camps teach the kids to think and work like real scientists, programmers, engineers, and creative designers. Campers get to work on cool projects, hands-on activities, engage in fun and developing real-world products and digital creation. We also place more emphasis on non-tech activities like games, activities, and outdoor recess. 

  • School improvement
  • Hands on activities
  • Engage in fun learning
  • Develop real-world products
  • Natural curiosity
  • Digital creations

Each day of our unique camp experience includes

  • ½ a day of Technology
  • ½ of day of Engineering
  • Take home Engineering models
  • Games, activities & outdoor recess