Build your kids future, one block at a time

Robot enthusiasts dive into the exciting world of robotics with building, programming, troubleshooting and operating activities combining engineering, problem solving and technology. Little roboticists gain confidence and a one-of-a-kind learning experience as they watch their creations take shape, from a simple idea to a working robot with motors and sensors.

Preschool Robotics

This course introduces simple machine elements like gears, axles, pulleys etc. to advanced mechanisms, forces and structures for a hands-on exploration of the question “How do things work?” This curriculum is designed to promote students’ fundamental STEM understanding of motor-powered machines, structures and mechanisms.

Using Lego Technic elements students build self-propelled machines and robots covering broad range of engineering models.

Junior Robotics

This course is designed to introduce young learners into robotics, engineering, and computer programming using LEGO® WeDo. Junior Roboticists build models using traditional LEGO pieces along with motors, and sensors.

After building the model, they use a block-based programming language to create a program to actuate the motor and sensors, thereby making their robot rotate, jump, spin, make sounds, and more!

Senior Robotics

The Senior Lego Robotics course combines the versatility of the LEGO building system with the most advanced technology of LEGO MINDSTORM EV3 to create and command robots that move, sense, talk, think, collect data and do anything you can imagine.

Each session provides a structured sequence of building and programming activities with real-world project-based challenges and examples. Our curriculum is adaptive and designed to make the students get better in building (hardware) and programming (software) with innovative thinking about the patterns and structure along with problem-solving more!