Build your passion for creativity and tinkering

Hands-on Engineering​

Do you have a kid who loves to build their own inventions and is curious about how and why things work? Through our hands-on activities and immersive engineering curriculum, kids will jump right into the engineering cycle of designing, crafting, testing,and improving their very own creations. While building their projects, kids will explore and experiment with various engineering disciplines within engineering while strengthening and developing other skills such as creativity, logic, various scientific principles, and problem solving. Students get to take home their creations.

Our Fields of Engineering



Spark the Imagination

Students will explore the principles of electricity through the design of electrical circuits, to create powerful tools.



Up, Up, and Away

Students will build various flying objects while learning about how things fly, air pressure, propulsion, drag, and resistance.



Go, Go Gadget!

Learn how mechanical engineering principles are applied to create the wonderful machines that make up our world.



Whatever Floats Your Boat

If your child is fascinated by marine vessels, then we’ll help feed that passion by exploring the design behind those great floating machines. 


Alternative Energy

It’s Actually Easy Being Green

Encourage your child’s green
tendencies with our Alternative Energy activities where students learn about
the different types of renewable energy.



Building the Foundations of Knowledge

Students will use their creativity to experiment with building their own structures and having their design tested against different forms of stress and then redesigning to improve it.


Theme Park Engineering

Behind the scenes of roller coaster ride

Young engineers enjoy the thrill of an amusement park by building working model of various rides while learning engineering principles and design cycle.


Medieval Engineering

Attack the castle

Students work as engineers taking inspiration from the technology and innovations from medieval times in building military siege engines and farm machines.


Wireless RC Engineering

Welcome to wireless era

Students build remote-controlled cars and drones learning how transmitter and receiver work with encoding and decoding signals along with circuitry and mechanical design.