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Let us plan a birthday celebration for your Engineer, Techie, or Scientist at our space. We’ll create an unforgettable birthday for your child with fun activities, games, and celebration customized to meet your child’s interests. Enjoy 2 hours of non-stop fun with an hour of an exciting STEM project, 30 minutes of awesome games, and 30 minutes of good, old-fashioned celebration.




Fans of Baymax and Wall-E will love this robot-building party. Learn the basics of robotics, then put your engineering skills to the test


Minecraft Adventure

Kids can let their imaginations run wild in the limitless world of Minecraft. Guests will learn the game’s basics, build their own castles, and engage in an interactive challenge to win the day.


Lego® Robotics party

Kids get hands-on experience with robotics engineering and coding with a guided exploration of these world-renowned programs. Guests will build using LEGO® WeDo or LEGO® Mindstorms software to accommodate any age.

Race car

Need for Speed Engineer (cars, vehicles, anything involving a race)

Put the pedal to the metal with this fast-paced exploration of everything mobile. Kids will be in the driver’s seat and a member of the pit crew as they tap into humanity’s need for speed

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Locations : Chicago and Skokie